• Analyze business processes and identify key points that can be digitized or automated
  • Perform detailed data analytics to inform strategic decision-making
  • Provide training sessions and workshops on AI concepts, tools, and best practices
  • Advise on the setup and deployment of AI infrastructure (on-site or cloud)
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  • Develop and maintain software systems, designed to meet your specific requirements
  • Build, train and deploy AI models to maximize the value of your data, whether it’s structured data, text or images
  • Implement low-level algorithms and solutions leveraging optimization techniques
  • Tightly integrate new features into your existing systems and make them accessible through rich and intuitive user interfaces
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Our Team

Drawing from a diverse background in both research and development, we guarantee that our solutions remain at the forefront of innovation.
  • Radu Strugariu Picture

    Radu Strugariu

    Mathematical Research Specialist

  • Victor Robu Picture

    Victor Robu

    Software Development Engineer

  • Codruț Diaconu Picture

    Codruț Diaconu

    ML Research Advisor

  • Ionuț Modoranu Picture

    Ionuț Modoranu

    ML Research Advisor


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